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Frequently Asked Questions

Please switch the box and television off. Also unplug the power cables from the box and camera and wait 10 seconds. Then switch the box and television back on.

Please check that all plugs are inserted correctly and firmly.

Please check if the box is turned on and the TV is set to „HDMI“ (via source).

Please send us a short email if this should occur. However, you can continue to play without any restrictions.

Please check the placement of the camera again and hold your hand in front of the camera to deregister the registered person.

Please check that the camera can recognize the arm of the person playing without any obstacles. A scarf or a jacket may impair Paul’s „view“. If the person is sitting in a wheelchair or a chair with backrests, set it slightly at an angle. In addition, Paul does not react when bowling if the upper body is leaned too far forward when throwing. The idea is that the movement should come from the shoulder area, so make sure that your upper body stays as still as possible.

Our games are controlled by such simple gestures that every resident could execute them. You can demonstrate the registration movement outside the camera area so that the person playing knows what to do. Registration by another person is not possible.

Of course you can also bowl with the left hand side. Simply raise your left hand during the game. Paul then automatically changes the throwing arm.

If a person passes between the playing person and the camera, the game may restart. In addition, a player is logged out when they leave the green area.

You have not found a solution for your problem? No problem. Just contact us by telephone or using the contact form.